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Who We Are

Impact is a premier educational institution, founded by an elite group of IITians committed to deliver quality education that would help aspirants get aboard on one of the most prestigious cluster of institutions in the world for further studies. Impact was established in the year 1995 in the city of Jhansi and since then it has been focusing on imparting effective training using innovative concepts and technology. With the best possible techniques, Impact has been helping aspirants to remove fundamental misconceptions, identify weaknesses and correct them same well ahead of time.The framework put into use has earned impact an enviable reputation and recognition. Impact has a long legacy of producing IITians since 1995.

Our Vision

We look at success as a milestone and not a destination. In the dense forest of Africa when the sun rises, Lion, the king of thungle, thinks, “I have to run faster than the slowest of the deer if I don’t want to sleep hungry today”. The deer wakes up and promises to himself that ‘he has to run faster than the fastest of the lions if he wants to see the sun the next day’. From the dark jungle of Africa to this place, this is the scene of the fierce competition. We understand that it requires rigorous efforts to clear JEE-Advanced, and we work hard to make you work harder. ‘If JEE (Advanced) is your dream it should not be a dream which you see in sleep rather it should be a ream which doesn’t lets you sleep.

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