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Naveen Kushwaha: From Struggle to Success

Naveen Kushwaha was a student who faced many challenges in his academic journey. He belonged to a poor family and had to work part-time to support his education. He also had a weak foundation in mathematics and physics, which made him lose confidence in himself. He joined Impact Institute in class 11th with a hope to crack IIT-JEE and change his life. At Impact Institute, Naveen found a new ray of hope. He was amazed by the quality of teaching and the dedication of the faculty. He says, “Impact Institute changed my life. The teachers were like mentors who guided me at every step. They cleared my doubts, motivated me, and helped me to improve my skills. They also provided me with scholarships and financial assistance, which eased my burden. I owe my success to Impact Institute.” Naveen worked hard and followed the guidance of his teachers. He also took advantage of the online lectures, test series, and study material provided by Impact Institute. He says, “The online lectures were very convenient and flexible. I could watch them anytime and anywhere. The test series helped me to assess my progress and identify my weak areas. The study material was comprehensive and concise. It covered all the topics and concepts required for IIT-JEE.” Naveen’s hard work paid off when he secured an AIR of 111 in IIT-JE. He says, “I was overjoyed when I saw my result. It was a dream come true for me. I thank Impact Institute for making this possible. Impact Institute is the best coaching centre for IIT-JEE aspirants.”