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Kshitij Gupta: A Star in the Making

Kshitij Gupta, a bright student who had a passion for biology and medicine. He wanted to become a doctor and serve the society. He joined Impact Institute in class 11th to prepare for NEET and AIIMS exams. At Impact Institute, Kshirij found a perfect platform to pursue his passion. He says, “Impact Institute was like a second home for me. The teachers were very friendly and supportive. They taught me with love and care. They also inspired me with their stories and experiences. They made me believe in myself and my potential.” Kshitij studied diligently and followed the advice of his teachers. He also utilized the facilities provided by Impact Institute, such as Recorded lectures, test series, doubt sessions, and counselling. He says, “The Recorded lectures were very interactive and engaging. I could ask questions and clear my doubts anytime. The test series were very challenging and comprehensive. They helped me to improve my speed and accuracy. The doubt sessions were very helpful in resolving my queries and confusions. The counselling sessions were very informative and enlightening. They helped me to choose the right career path and college.” Kshitij’s passion and perseverance paid off when she secured a rank of 32 in AIIMS 2014. He says, “I was ecstatic when I saw my results. It was a moment of pride and joy for me and my family. I thank Impact Institute for making this happen. Impact Institute is the best coaching centre for medical aspirants.”