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Kunal Pratap Singh: Journey from Curiosity to IIT Kanpur

Kunal was a curious student who had an interest in mathematics and science. He wanted to learn more and achieve his dream of studying at IIT Kanpur. He joined Impact Institute in class 9th to prepare for IIT JEE and other competitive exams. At Impact Institute, Kunal found a supportive environment to develop his potential. He says, “Impact Institute was like a heaven for me. The teachers were very skilled and qualified. They taught me with dedication and enthusiasm. They also exposed me to new problems and concepts. They made me think creatively and broaden my perspective.” Kunal improved his performance and cleared various competitive exams. He also gained from the online lectures, test series, study material, and counselling provided by Impact Institute. He says, “The recorded lectures were very informative and engaging. I could learn from the best teachers in the country like Er. Neeraj Khatri. The test series were very challenging and varied. They helped me to assess my knowledge and skills. The study material was very comprehensive and updated. It covered all the topics and concepts required for various exams. The counselling sessions were very useful in guiding me for my future goals and plans.” Kunal’s hard work and intelligence paid off when he got admission in IIT Kanpur, his dream college.